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Our specialist investment teams set their own investment philosophy and processes. They share a commitment to acting in our clients’ best interests and to generating long-term portfolio performance.

We specialize in Japanese growth equity investment management.


We focus on Japanese stocks with earnings growing, which will be priced in eventually. And we believe that we can find growing companies even in the mature Japanese market. Through significant knowledge and experience, we evaluate quality and sustainability of earnings growth, and select stocks we can hold over a long-time horizon.

“We have the multi-specialist capabilities required to develop both active and passive management strategies and propose dedicated investment solutions to meet the specific expectations of our clients, including secure solutions for the most risk-averse.”

Yasuharu, Matsumoto Investment Director &
Emerging Markets Specialist

Stewardship: At the heart of our investment approach is the concept of stewardship.

We believe our job is to allocate our clients’ capital to good quality companies with sound growth prospects and strong management teams, ensuring we pay sensible prices for these investments.